There is the possibility to do an exam to get the next Kup few times per year. The exam can be done normally ONLY at "il Gi Dojang Geneve" (i.e. several black belts). If you have already a swiss-taekwondo-passport (also from several years ago) and you would like to renovate the license for this year, let us know as soon as possible by email.

Registration form for next grading: 11th of June, la Roseraie.


Dobok mandatory to take the exam!

Exam to ilGi dojang.

  • In case of success the level will be written on the swiss-passport of taekwondo.
  • Competitions will be possible.
  • No need to subscribe to the other gym, just to cost of the exam and of the passport+licence will be asked. 
  • The cost of the exam will be 40 chf. 
  • The first time you will need to pay also 20 chf for the passport. If you are not enrolled to ilGi you will need to pay also 50 chf of the swiss-tkw-licence (once per year). 


Exam requiments:

  • ​Knowing the program as described here 
  • 2 consecutive exams only if previous mark above 75%
  • To get a blue belt (and above) you need to have participated to 1 kyrougi and 1 poomsae competitions in your life
  • Registering filling the see above  
  • Paying by bank transfer the correct amount to (NOTE: these are not the bank details of the CERN-taekwondo-group): 
    Coordonnées virement:

    Compte postal: 17-794445-2

    En faveur de: IL GI DOJANG-GENEVE, 1205 GENEVE

    IBAN: CH680 9000 0001 7794 4452

  • If it is the first time (i.e. you do not have yet a Swiss Taekwondo passport)
    • Filling the form 
    • Bringing two photos

If any of these steps is missed, you will not be allowed to do the grading. 


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